Expository Writing – Grade 12
Half Year - Level 1, 2 Credits 2.5
This course is recommended for all seniors. Primarily a writing course, this program also will develop critical thinking and critical reading skills. Students will be encouraged to write about issues raised in Social Studies, Science, or other courses. Texts utilized include a handbook of grammar and usage and an anthology of expository writing used to illustrate the principles and strategies of effective writing. Students write eight papers (3-5 double spaced pages) which are analyzed in detail by the instructor. Students who have not met the graduation requirement in writing are required to take an Expository Writing course during 1st semester and earn a C or better.

Essential Question:

Essential Benchmarks – Students will:

  • Identify the thesis of a nonfiction work and distinguish its leading from secondary points.
  • Judge the validity with which conclusions are drawn from evidence.
  • Construct and sustain a logical argument.
  • Document sources appropriately.
  • Select and utilize suitable rhetorical methods and stylistic approaches in developing essays.
  • Develop an individual voice as a writer.