Enduring Understanding:  Film is an art, which creatively communicates ideas to an audience through a combination of visuals and sound. 


  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of various story structures.
  • Students will discern how visuals are employed to tell a story.
  • Students will analyze film appropriately.
  • Students will understand the filmmaker's motivation and role of audience.
  • Students will develop ideas into creative works.

Students leave course with a firm understanding of why elements of the story are linked with the visuals.

Grades 11, 12
Full Year - Level E Credits 1.0
Prerequisite: Digital Video I, TV Production, Computer Graphics & Video, Creative Writing, or approval of the instructor.
This class is for students who have video experience and want an advanced course in cinematography and editing techniques. Selected classic and contemporary films will be screened to serve as models for class work. The students will script, storyboard, shoot and edit a selection of video projects. In the second semester students will work on an n independent project by choosing to do a short documentary or an original video. Each student will also burn a DVD of their video work that can be used as an electronic portfolio for future work and college applications.

Essential Question:

Essential Benchmarks - Students will:
  • Develop advanced digital editing and documentary writing competencies.
  • Understand and utilize software to create broadcast ready documentaries and burn DVD's of their work.