Grade 9
Full Year - Levels 1, 2, 3 Credits 5.0
This course focuses on the study of literature, composition, vocabulary and mastery of grammar. Students read and respond to the work of classic and contemporary authors, with special attention to the distinguishing features of the novel, poetry, and Shakespearean play. Composition work stresses analytical thinking, organization, and mastery of basic language skills.

Essential Questions:
  • What are the essential qualities of a hero?
  • What kinds of experiences spur a person's development?
  • What factors affect the choices we make? When the outcome of the decision is different from that which we had anticipated, how do we respond to the consequences?
  • What do you as a reader learn about yourself when relating to a character? How might this be useful in developing your own identity?
Essential Benchmarks - Students will:
  • Compose three-part analytic essays
  • Plan, organize, create, and revise appropriate written and oral discourse
  • Respond to a text using various methods of interpretation including, but not restricted to journals, dialectical notebooks, outlines, and/or levels of questions
  • Master pronoun case, subject/verb agreement, pronoun antecedent, types of clauses, types of phrases, tense, mood and voice of verbs